A few weeks ago I got an email update from 1saleADay about some super cheap ear buds you could purchase for $1 each plus shipping.  Well I grabbed that deal due to a certain teenage boy that goes through them like water in our house!.   A few days ago, 1saleAday announced a contest for a chance to win a free NOOK!  The rules were you had to take a picture of something you had purchased through them and post it on their facebook page and be creative.  I only had 3 hours left to think of something and post it.... and this is what I came up with

 I know, its kinda cheesey, but I have to try right????  A free NOOK would be awesome, at least until I can raise the funds to buy Mayson and I pad.   There are apps and books you can download on the NOOK.  Maysons fine motor skills just plain suck and working the Ipod is too hard for her. 
So, I am asking all my blooger and facebook friends to please do me a HUGE favor and go vote for my picture......it will only take a few minutes if you are on facebook!  Just click here.   Oh and you can vote once a day through May 27th~~   Thank you!!!!

date Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  1. To Love Endlessly
    8:17 PM

    I voted. :-) Keep us posted if you're the winner!