Just wanted to say a few words about Stacy's cousin Debbie. She is a sick lady...She is at the U of I with heart and lung problems. They are waiting to see if she is a candidate for a lung/heart transplant. If not, they will do 2 valve replacements. She has had this done before when she was younger and it was a a frightning experience. Debbie is going to only be 50 on May 29th. She is in peace with whatever happens. Please keep her in your prayers!!

date Wednesday, May 03, 2006

2 comments to “Please keep Debbie in your Prayers”

  1. Anonymous
    9:32 PM

    My mom (Darlene -- Debbie's aunt) and I visited Debbie and family last weekend. She has incredible peace and serenity to her -- and made us all laugh as usual. she's keeping her spirits up, but it's obvious that she doesn't feel well.

    Robyn (Mattson) Rickenbach
    May 10, 2006

  1. Anonymous
    8:41 PM

    Hi, I'm Darlene, Debbie is an inspiration to us all. What a brave lady she is. Keep her in your prayers.