Having an uncle that died at such an early age of heart disease, really makes Debbies situation hit home. I think of her often and wonder what she must be going through.... The latest update I have of her is that she was moved from the Univeristy of Iowa Hospital to up north in Minneapolis. They also turned her down for a heart and lung transplant...bummer :( Now, do they replace the bad valves on her heart? There is lots of scar tissue from previous surgeries that are causing issues....So as of right now, she is sitting up there all by her lonesome in the hospital waiting and waiting. She is still fighting the fluid build up and hopefully they can get that under control. Her goal is to just be home in time for her 50th birthday on May 29th. Please keep her in your prayers.......

date Friday, May 19, 2006

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  1. Michelle
    12:01 AM

    I'll keep Debbie in my prayers and hope she can be home for her 50th!