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Little M&M has discovered she has legs and feet! She had been trying to grab her toes the last couple days but I always seem to miss it with the camera. She also loves to get her bouncy seat bouncing by moving her legs with full force!! It is sooo funny to watch! Heres a little clip if you want to take a peak!

date Wednesday, July 12, 2006

9 comments to “new exercise”

  1. gigishiba
    6:52 PM

    What a sweetie!

  1. T
    12:27 AM

    I have been trying to figure out HOW TO POST video.

    Email me and tell me how PLEASE!!!

  1. T
    12:27 AM

    btw, I saw this on the family site. She is so cute.

  1. Michelle
    9:46 AM

    What a great video! She is so cute kicking her legs up a storm and bouncing :) Love the smile you caught in between all of that too :)

  1. Anonymous
    4:17 PM

    She is just beautiful as always! How sweet she is kicking away :)

  1. trisomymommy
    9:05 AM

    So cute! And what a great abdominal workout. I need to get one of those bouncy seats for myself...

  1. Kari
    9:04 PM

    Wow she is soooo cute! Thanks for the giggle :)

  1. jayne
    11:59 AM

    Hi great to see more of merry Mayson's mirth!

  1. mum2brady
    9:38 PM

    awwww - I love the toesie thing! Your cute girl is such a doll - I love looking at pics of her :) Just wait till those cute toes end up in her mouth - those are the BEST pics - I'll be looking for them!!!