Ok, i was tagged two days in a row...so here we go again!!

The Pizza Box Meme

1. What was your favorite thing about being a kid?
Being able to play -play- play!! We lived in a new house and the basement wasnt finsihed so my sister and I loved to set up the whole basement like our own house and play babydolls! We had everything you could imagine to play HOUSE down ther........Oh, the use of the good ol'imagination!!

2. What was your favorite subject in school?
All through school it was probably MUSIC. I took voice lessons and sang in three differnt choirs in high school. Later, I sang and toured with the WARTBURG CHOIR in college...

3. Who was your best friend when you were 10?
Oh her name was Anna Blake.... No idea where she is at now!!!

4. If you could be any animal what would you be?
I dont want to be an animal...sorry!!!

5. What would you change about your school, occupation, life right now? mmm, nothing really. I am a stay at home mommy and dont regret a thing. I feel my place is to be at home and I love it!

6. What's your favorite color? Pink

7. What's your favorite type of crust and topping on a pizza? I love thin crust with sausage, mushrooms and green peppers... oh I am getting hungery now!

ok. i am tagging--

Debra-Mom of 12 and loving it
Tina-Dull as Dishwater
Pajama Mama

date Saturday, August 26, 2006

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  1. Michelle
    5:12 PM

    thanks for playing :) enjoyed reading your answers!