We got a very special blanket this week. We ordered it from a small company called SIMPLY ADORABLE BLANKETS. There are 3 teen aged girls that all have down syndrome that create these awesome blankets. They even Monogram! There is nothing like a soft blankie to cuddle with. Check out their website!

date Wednesday, June 27, 2007

8 comments to “A very special blankie”

  1. Jessica
    1:50 PM

    Too cool! I love it! I'm going to share the website on my blog and with our local DS organization's message board. Thanks for sharing!

  1. ~Melissa~
    2:02 PM

    She looks so proud of her new blankie!!!

  1. Michelle
    3:37 PM

    I came across that website from the DS listserv (I think!) and it is really neat! She looks so happy with her blanket!

  1. The Balsis Family
    7:45 PM

    Too cute! Glad you got a blanket from them and love it! I love all the pink! ;)

  1. Christina
    12:25 AM

    Wow, that is so great! I am going to have to get that for the next friend having a baby!

  1. Shannon
    3:29 PM

    I love pink, and especially cute little girls in pink. Great blanket, I'll have to check out their site.

  1. Ribbon Rock Star
    3:31 PM

    I am going to check out that site now!

    LOVE the pink blankie....Beautiful lil sweetie too!


  1. Megan's got 47
    9:17 PM

    AWH! She is too cute with that adorable blanket. I keep meaning to order some too. I think I will order 1 for Megan's birthday in Nov. Thanks for the link!