We took off camping again this weekend. My MIL and FIL met us and we had a great time. The weather was perfect for camping. Warm during the day and cool at night. The boys did a lot of fishing. Us girls took a walk, went to the beach, etc. I got some reading done which is hard to do now days with miss busy-butt. Our nephew showed up out of the blue too. We havent seen him for a couple months so he spent the night. It was good seeing him. I feel so lucky to be able to have a camper and spend these quality weekends with my family... making wonderful memories.

Writing in the sand...

My sunshine girl!

oh....look at the water!

Going under!

Come get me waves......

Getting tackle ready to fish!

My wonderful Chef, father in law, and nephew.

date Sunday, July 15, 2007

10 comments to “Another weekend of camping fun!”

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    11:03 PM

    I have only one problem with your pictures....

    I'M NOT IN THEM!!!!


    Looks like a fabulous place and that you had such a nice time creating memories. I'm so happy you get to do it! Kitty

  1. Christina
    12:23 AM

    Looks like fun, send the chef over! I am SO hungry :-)

  1. Me
    7:25 AM

    Awwww....how COOL!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time.I am dying to take the kids camping, but we only have a tent and I don't think that's too safe right now with MY miss busy-butt! She'd escape the second we closed our eyes! Time to by a camper!

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:48 AM

    I love all the photos. It looks like such a wonderful summer!

  1. Jessica
    9:36 AM

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pictures!

  1. Michelle
    10:14 AM

    I love all the water pictures! You guys have such fun camping!

  1. BStrong
    1:46 PM

    Great stuff. I've tried to talk my wife into camping unsuccessfully. Her idea of camping is the Holiday Inn.

  1. Mike
    4:49 PM

    Looks like everyone had a great time. Great pictures, too.



  1. jotcr2
    2:38 PM

    i love those wave pics

  1. Brandee
    8:38 AM

    Fun family times!