This is what I get everytime I try and take a picture now~

date Wednesday, July 25, 2007

11 comments to “Cheesey smile....”

  1. Megan's got 47
    1:57 PM

    LOL...what a cutie patootie!!!

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    5:45 PM

    Ok I think our kids are twins..Nathanael's starting to do the VERY same thing..he skooshes up his nose and squints his eyes into this cheesy smile and we all laugh so he knows to "turn it on" when the camera's out or when pt/ot whatever comes to visit! hahahaa We call it part of his parlor tricks :)

  1. Jessica
    6:01 PM

    Too cute!!!

  1. Michelle
    8:50 PM

    Love it! that's all I got from Kayla for awhile too :)

  1. Bennetts
    5:13 PM

    Amy, She is just to cute for words. What a doll!

  1. Jodie
    7:59 PM

    Oh that is priceless. I love her sweet little face!!!

  1. RK
    3:15 PM

    Priceless, just plain adorable!

  1. Nicole
    10:07 PM

    Could she be any cuter? :)

  1. amy
    4:53 AM

    That is ttoo cute

  1. Drea
    7:19 PM

    That is so funny. I did that growing up until I was 18 :-) I never smiled! LOL

  1. mum2brady
    7:28 AM

    Love it!!! Mayson is tooo cute!