Today is my hubby's birthday! We celebrated by camping with some friends over the weekend. We also had a small birthday cake and candles. He had a little helper on his lap that was more than willing to dive into the chocolate cake with him!! yum yum!!
Honestly, my hubby has hardly has aged.. can you guess how old he is this year????
Happy birthday honey...Thank you so much for everything you do for us. We love you so much!!!

date Sunday, July 01, 2007

7 comments to “Happy Birthday Honey!”

  1. Christina
    2:02 AM

    Happy B-day - that was so good of you to go camping, I would rather cut my legs and arms off than do that.

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:51 AM

    Happy birthday to your hubby!!

  1. Jessica
    9:10 AM

    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  1. L. Noelle
    3:08 PM

    Happy birthday to your Husband! It's so nice that you appreciate him so much.

  1. Michelle
    4:26 PM

    happy bday to your honey! Mayson looks like she is enjoying helping him eat the cake! :)

  1. Shannon
    8:50 AM

    Happy b-day to your hubby, but that cute little girl in his lap steals the show!

    Also, I tagged you on our blog!

  1. Powell Family
    10:46 AM

    Happy Birthday! I'll guess 29! :)