On October 6th, we will be walking in our second buddy walk with team MAYSON'S MARCHERS! This is our local down syndrome groups second buddy walk. Last year our team was second in line for donations. We raised $1500!!! This year we want to be on TOP!!!! If you could find it in your heart to donate, please do so by using the DONATE botton. Its so easy and goes to something very dear to our hearts!! Hugs from Maymay!!!!

date Thursday, September 06, 2007

9 comments to “BUDDY WALK TIME!!”

  1. Bennetts
    9:21 AM

    Amy she is a doll!

  1. Shannon **Gabi's Mom**
    11:16 AM

    Love it! Seriously, I don't know how you can ever put that girl down long enough to take a picture! She is soooo darn cute, I would just have to hold her ALL day!

  1. Jessica
    11:24 AM

    That picture is just too cute!! Good luck with your walk!

  1. ~Melissa~
    12:59 PM

    She looks so cute! Good luck with reaching your goal!

  1. Nicole
    4:42 PM

    Oh how your girl just melts my heart. I love the pic below of her and big sis too! PRECIOUS!

  1. Kacey Bode
    10:41 PM

    Could she be any cuter????? We are trying to find a Buddy Walk close to us, not one in this stinking town. This time last year I was a wreck, but this year I can think of nothing better to do!!!

  1. Kari
    8:06 AM

    Oh Miss Mason You are one cutey patooti!!!

  1. Christina
    11:17 AM

    Wow, she is a little hottie. Vince wants to meet her!

  1. Megan's got 47
    3:22 PM

    Her eyes are mesmerizing, I think this is my favorite picture of her, makes me want to scoop her up and stick her in my pocket.
    I just LOVE her!