For the longest time we have had to spoon feed Mayson everything. Her first obstacle is she still has NO teeth! So we are limited to the foods she can eat. Her second issue is she picks up small things with her pincher fingers and chuck them on the floor. MMMM..... Is she expecting mommy to feed her, or is she being lazy or does she just not get that what is on her tray is food???
Well, a couple of weeks ago, it clicked. I dont know what clicked, but it did and she is shoving food in her mouth like a little piggy!! Tonite we had chicken, corn, mashed potatoes and stuffing. I put the chicken and stuffing on her tray and she eat all of it by feeding herself!! She also tried strawberry milk for the first time and I have never seen her drink a sippy cup full, all in one setting. WOW!!

date Monday, October 15, 2007

15 comments to “Eating!”

  1. Debra
    8:16 PM


    That is wonderful. You are getting way to big. Hugs from Hope and I.

  1. jennifergg
    8:19 PM

    YAHOO! What wonderful news!

  1. jessica
    8:52 PM

    YAY! WTG Mayson! Come over and teach Joey!!

  1. amy flege
    8:54 PM

    I wish she could come and teach Joey, jessica!!!

  1. Michelle
    9:19 PM

    Yippee! Very exciting news. You go Mayson!! Strawberry milk is my favorite too:)

    Matthew sends BIG hugs.

  1. Anonymous
    9:40 PM

    How exciting!! Way to go Miss May May!!!

    Corrie and Sally

  1. Michelle
    10:11 PM

    oh that's wonderful she's becoming more independent in the feeding department!

  1. Brent & Jodie
    12:16 AM

    Yahoo! I love it when they hit those milestones. It is such a great experience to see! Way to go, May May!

  1. Christina
    4:40 AM

    WTG Mayson!It is such a relief when they finally get through the eating and drinking. We were bribing Vince with everything, and he now finally gets it!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    11:36 AM

    Ya-Hoo! Way to go Mayson!

  1. Kendra
    12:10 PM

    Good job Mayson! Strawberry milk is a favorite of Jadrix's also. I bet you have a new kid on your hands. So long being fed, she will want to do it all herself!

  1. Shannon **Gabi's Mom**
    1:46 PM

    Don't ya love it when something finally clicks that you've been waiting for?

    And her hair is getting long.

  1. Brandee
    8:48 AM

    Wonderful news!! Yayayayay!!!

  1. Princess Morgan
    3:44 PM

    Way to go Mayson! Oh, you are just so beautiful! Ladybug hugs!

  1. jotcr2
    10:53 PM

    That is so good. Well done baby Mayson.