Thank you all so much for your prayers. It means alot!! My father in law is doing ok. He is still in the hospital and is having some issues with keeping food down. They did a electrocardiogram today to see how things looked. We still haven't heard back from that yet.
Other than that, we are back to the grind here at home. Trying to get Christmas decorations up. My lights are giving me fits.. The brand new lights I put out on the front porch decided to crap out and only half are working now, nice uh?? Then to top it off, hubby bought new lights to replace the "old" new lights and they were crappy too!! DAMN WALMART! I also put up the tree last night. It is only a year old.. one of those pre-lit ones. Well after getting that up and plugged in, only part of those lights are not working.. What the hell??? The box says. NO LITE OUT tree.. yeah, right! How am I going to figure that one out??
So, me and the christmas lights are in battle right now and I WILL WIN!

date Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 comments to “lights”

  1. Me
    5:29 PM

    geez, the lights have it in for you huh. Man's best friend in our house at Christmas?? Net lights. you know the ones you through over a tree or shrub? We throw 2 on our tree and it's done....3 seconds flat! LOL. And if some crap out, then toss the whole thing, no unravelling a big strand from the tree.

  1. Stephanie
    5:54 PM

    We have one of those pre-lit trees. We had to plug the stupid lights in different ways (for an hour, mind you) to get the darn thing to light up.

  1. Shannon **Gabi's Mom**
    7:51 PM

    I have a prelit tree too and we have a section out, and ours is either 1 or 2 years old. We bought our lights at Walmart, too, and they seem to only last 1-2 yrs. I am beginning to think maybe I should buy some from a place specializing in this stuff and hopefully get my moneys worth.

    I feel your pain in other words.

  1. Shannon **Gabi's Mom**
    7:53 PM

    Oh yeah, I am glad FIL is doing better. I hope he gets to keep some food down soon. Sometimes it's the pain meds that cause that.

  1. Bennetts
    7:14 AM

    Breath Amy, it will all come together...and I would box all of the lights and tree up and take it back to Wally World and shove it up their smoke stack...I am having issues with them too...I hate the PHX there, she is on my "burnt cookie list" this week....