When I first found out I was pregnant I joined a forum on I VILLAGE. It was for all moms that were expecting in the month of March. We talked about all our pregnancy issues, doctors, birth plans, family, etc...
Well, Miss Mayson threw us for a loop when she was born 3 weeks early and in February--not March and then on top of it she came with her beautiful extra chromosome.
After having her, I stayed with this group of woman. I still hop on there every week or so and check in but because Mayson has DS I just dont feel like I really fit in there any more.
I got a notice that they started a new DS forum on there now! I was so excited. A chance to meet new parents of children with DS. I already belong to two forums already but its always fun meeting new people!! They are looking for new members so any of you DS parents that want to join, here is the link!
I hope to see some of you on there!
and for those other mama's here is a great forum with recipes, tips, and chances to win free stuff! Its great fun!

date Thursday, December 06, 2007

2 comments to “Great Forums~”

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    3:37 PM

    Ooooo sounds great! I was on a forum on Mothering.commune and we had a birth month thing too and they're so far exceeded where Nathanael's at that I quit going there. I mean their kids are swinging from the ceiling fans (literally!) Hmm I"ll have to chekc Ivillage out! [{hugs}}

  1. RK
    9:28 PM

    I'm there. I've been a lurker at a few forums, but I'll dive in on the ground floor there and see what happens. :o)