Wow, I am so far behind on posting! Life has been busy here now that we are back to school again! First of all, THANK YOU all for leaving a comment on my blog! What a great way to get to know more bloggers out there! Especially in the down syndrome community!
It's hard to believe 2008 is here already. Mayson finally qualified for a waiver so she gets to start new physical therapy and speech next week! I am so excited. I love her therapists now, don't get me wrong, but she needs more and now we can get it for her! She is scooting all over on her butt still and is really getting into trouble. She loves to eat the cat food, spill the cat water, throw everything off my end tables, etc...gosh I love it! She stands up to everything she can and is cruising along things but the walking is still far away yet. Her confidence just isnt there. She can say eat, ball, duck, book, block, no, yes, mama, dada and bella now. It' hard to believe she will be 2 in 6 weeks!
Jayden is still busy with wrestling He got 1st at his last tournament on Saturday. He is all getting ready for show choir competition. Rylee is busy with Piano and being the social butterfly. Hubby is still busy at work like always and it will get worse now that tax time is around the corner!
I was elected on the board of our DS group and on top of that I am a board member of our PTO. mmmmmmmm, can I say busy???? I Guess its what keep us hoppin!!
Have a great weekend everyone.
I will leave you with something that will make you smile..... Mayson decided that my clean panties looked better as a necklace instead of in the clean clothes pile! gotta love it!

date Monday, January 07, 2008

14 comments to “So behind!”

  1. mom2noah
    7:08 PM

    OK, I had to stop in to say hi. I am very impressed with Mayson vocabulary. Noah sure needs to hang out with her, especially since they have a common interest in Mama's "undies".

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    7:55 PM

    hahah SOOOO funny! Love the pic! Sounds like all the kids are doing well! :)

  1. Kacey Bode
    1:30 AM

    That is hilarious!!! The key word there is clean : ) I am very impressed by her vocabulary, that is awesome!! She is doing great!!!!

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:41 AM

    That picture is too funny!!

    What a huge amount of words she has! WTG Mayson!!!

  1. Christina
    11:31 AM

    Cool! Mayson is doing awesome. Vince can say Mamma & Pappa at least if you want to hear it... His speach is really way behind, but I am fine with that. Afterall, we are doing the three languages ;-)

  1. Michelle
    12:45 PM

    And, the panty pic is so darn funny! Glad to see you back on - been checking! Love to all of you and kisses to May May from Elliot.

  1. Michelle
    5:21 PM

    I wonder where kids get that from LOL I would find Kayla many a days with my underwear (or even Joes!) around her neck like that LOL

  1. The Parker Family
    3:58 PM

    She is just so darn cute~~ panties & all lol..

  1. Anonymous
    8:39 PM

    Amy, I somehow missed your blog! I am so glad to see this and see more pixtures of your kiddos. Let me know when you want to visit Chicago again!!

  1. Michelle
    10:20 PM

    Love the picture of Maymay and the undies. Way to go on the words. Sounds like Matthew and Maymay are a match with their scooting.

  1. Brandee
    1:57 PM

    Yep, that photo did make me smile alright!! :) She's such a cutie!

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    11:06 PM

    Wow you are gonna be busy! And Mayson looks so grown up in that picture. Gabi came out wearing my underwear one day. What's so interesting about mom's underwear anyhow? You are brave woman for posting your drawers on the internet!

  1. Princess Morgan
    11:35 PM

    Pricelss!!! Love the photo.

  1. Kendra
    9:37 AM

    Amy- I was just checking out your blog. That picture of Mayson with that big smile made me smile from ear to ear. I have said it before but her smile could light the world!