Rylee and I were jammin and Mayson decided to join us.. Thought it was too cute not to share!!!

date Saturday, February 09, 2008

11 comments to “She can Dance!!!!”

  1. Laurie
    11:40 PM

    oooo...... fun! You have a dancer!! oops, I mean more than one dancer!!

    Nevin LOVED going to all of his older brother and sister's show choir concerts!!

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:43 AM

    She is too cute - and is quite a dancer!!

    I think you might have another show choir member in the making :)

  1. Carey
    12:51 PM

    Does it get any cuter than that?!!!! Love it!

  1. Chris
    1:21 PM

    Thanks for sharing that....makes we want to get up and dance with her. Love the way she dances with her whole body.

  1. Tricia
    3:45 PM

    That just brightened my day!

  1. RK
    6:07 PM

    That's some real energy she's got there. Awfully adorable, that one!

  1. mom2noah
    6:18 PM

    I loved her dance moves! Really cute!

  1. rylie's mom
    2:24 PM

    Time to sign her up for dance class! Too cute-love it!!

  1. Four Powells
    10:47 AM

    Oh yeah! She can move!! LOVED IT!

  1. Anonymous
    12:33 AM

    Simply Adorable!!

  1. jotcr2
    4:29 AM

    you go girl.