We are back! What a long and tiring but fun weekend!! Jayden got beat out his third round. He had a stacked 32 man bracket so we didnt know what to except! We are just proud of him winning his district and making it to state!!!
Mayson did surprisingly well despite having to be stuck in a stadium all day for 2 full days!! Rylee had her friends there too so it all worked out for everyone!
Right before we left miss Mayson climbed up our stairs for the first time. What a HUGE milestone for her when it comes to her gross motor skills! Here is a little clip of her!

date Monday, March 31, 2008

10 comments to “Back home...”

  1. ~Melissa~
    1:08 PM

    Sounds like a very eventful trip!
    WTG Miss M on that stair climbing!! Yay!!!

  1. Christina
    2:52 PM

    Sounds like a fun trip! That is so cool that she is climbing the stairs! Now you aren't going to be able to keep her off of them! LOL

  1. Anonymous
    4:52 PM

    Wow! Go Jayden! And Go Mayson! Loved the video of her climbing the stairs...she is taking off! YAY!!! love from Polly

  1. amanda
    12:35 AM

    Way to go Mayson!!! She's so CUTE!!

  1. mom2noah
    7:21 PM

    Congrats to Jayden for making all the way to the states. Mayson you continue to amaze me not only with your cuteness but with major stair climbing accomplishment. WTG!

  1. Chris
    10:50 PM

    She did a great job climbing those stairs--time to break out the baby gates!

  1. Tara Marie
    6:16 PM

    Way to go Jayden....I love wrestling [I had two cousins that were NJ State Champs in high school]......and Miss Mayson, look at you climb!!!

    and I love that Jennifer has one of your bracelettes!!!!

  1. Princess Morgan
    11:30 PM

    This video brought tears to my eyes. What a huge moment. Way to go Mayson!!!! You are working so hard!

  1. Elly's Extras
    2:38 PM

    Way to go Jayden and Way to go Miss Mayson!

    Hugs to your family!

  1. Brandee
    10:33 PM

    What an awesome athlete Jayden is! I am so impressed by him going to the state championship!