We finally got our Easter eggs colored today!! Every year the kids have to make a poop egg! Can you find it?? HAHA There is also a down syndrome egg, Cubs, Vikings, camo, and some other fun ones, to name a few. But the poop egg always ends up being the center of attention!

Here are the kids with their easter baskets as well. Excuse the bed head and freshly showerd look!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!

date Sunday, March 23, 2008

11 comments to “Happy Easter!!!”

  1. Michelle
    4:36 PM

    So we're not the only ones who painted eggs today? Although, yours are MUCH fancier than ours!

    Happy Easter!

  1. Christina
    5:54 PM

    hahahaha a poop egg...that is hilarious! Your eggs look marvelous!

  1. Michelle
    7:47 PM

    Love the Poop Egg and all others. Hope you had a great Easter!!

  1. Michelle
    10:27 PM

    Happy Easter and (belated) WDSD!

  1. Gabi's Mommy
    11:04 AM

    Those are the prettiest eggs I have ever seen. And I love the poop egg...cute idea:)

    The kids are darling as always!

    Hoppy Easter, a day late!

  1. ~Melissa~
    11:21 AM

    The poop egg is too funny!! Happy (late) Easter!

  1. mom2noah
    11:33 AM

    LOL, love the poop egg. We bought Noah the NUK sippy cup also! For now he just likes to throw it, so we probably should call it the Throwie cup.

    PS. We rec'd the candles and they are lovely and smell wonderful. I'll try to remember to send the girls a separate thank you email but just in case I forget please be sure to thank them. Especially for Noah's soap. So sweet !

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    6:10 PM

    LOL! We had a "poop egg" too, but we just didn't know that's what it was!

    Preston would have loved Mayson's basket... Crunchies are his favorite! Over here at our house, we call it "Baby Crack!" Preston has to have his daily fix!

  1. Michelle
    10:43 PM

    Your eggs rock! I'm so terrible this year. Nora did her eggs at the in-laws and I failed to do anything. The poop egg is just an absolute RIOT! Kisses to you and MayMay~

  1. jotcr2
    5:37 AM

    looks like lot of treats at your house. Sheena had an ear infection, so only managed 1/2 a small piece of chocolate.

  1. Brandee
    10:34 PM

    omg, my kids are going to LOVE your idea of the poop egg! That will surely have to become a tradition here once I show this to them!!!

    I heart your family!!