The Bride and Groom, Adam and Charissa Flege!!!

Already for the wedding!

Waiting to walk down the isle!

Dancing at the reception!

Wow~!! We are twins!!

Smiley Mayson

Pretty Rylee

Mr. NO Smiles....

Hubby and I

The Dancin Queen!

The girls were in a wedding this weekend for our nephew Adam. My mom made their dresses and one for barbie too! The wedding was beautiful and every thing went without a hitch!!!
The bad thing was my mother in law and father in law couldnt make it due my father in law still being in the hospital. They have now found a hole in his sternum and its staph infection! He has now been there 2 weeks and things just dont seem to be getting better. We are praying that the antibiotics will take effect and that he starts healing!
Here are a few pictures from the wedding!

date Monday, August 04, 2008

11 comments to “The Wedding...”

  1. Bethany
    10:58 PM

    Aren't weddings so fun?! I love the barbie too, how cute! Your son looks SO much like his dad ... OMG!!!

  1. mom2noah
    8:40 AM

    Hi Amy, can I just tell you I can't get enough of seeing Mayson. Your girls looked beautiful in their dresses. My favorite , which was hard to pick was the girls on the dance floor. I'm glad you all had a good time. Jayden looks just like his Dad.
    I hope your FIL is doing better, he is on my prayer list.

  1. Mary
    9:25 AM

    You have such a beautiful family! Mayson looks like she was having such a great time dancing! Leah loves to dance!

  1. Tricia
    11:15 AM


  1. Becca
    8:13 PM

    Adorable photos! I love that barbie. Looks like Mayson enjoyed herself!

    Btw, the site where I got the backgrounds is They have hundreds, and you have to really dig. :)

  1. jotcr2
    9:33 PM

    What sweet outfits. Your girls look lovely.

  1. RK
    10:12 PM

    What a great bunch of pics! And those dresses are just adorable!

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    10:33 AM

    The girls look SO beautiful! I LOVE the matching Barbie doll! TOO cute!

  1. RubyAnne'smom
    5:24 PM

    The wedding pics are so cute! Both the girls are beautiful! Does Mayson always keep her bracelet and ring on? I was so sad to hear Arlo has an infection. I need to call Marilyn tonight and talk to her. We have been praying for them, I know this is getting so wearing on them both. I sent you an invitation to RubyAnne's carepage. I have photos posted now.

  1. Christina
    11:19 PM

    Gorgeous! Praying your FIL heals up quickly!!

  1. Kacey Bode
    1:23 AM

    I LOVE the pic of Mayson and Rylee dancing, that is SO cute!!