date Monday, December 22, 2008

5 comments to “My dancing queen......”

  1. The Parker Family
    7:14 AM

    She is just too darn cute for words~

  1. Kacey Bode
    11:12 PM

    That is SOOOOO cute, I love that she is siging along!!!

  1. McKenna
    11:43 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! Darah and I watched Mamma Mia together and she LOVED the singing and dancing! :)

  1. Jeanette
    10:50 AM

    She is SOO precious! I love the proud smile at the end. Gotta love ABBA!

  1. Anonymous
    6:40 AM

    Amy- This video is worth a million. I love it when she starts on the chorus. She makes me smile!