Rylee has never had bangs before. She has a beautiful widows peak in the middle of her forehead... I personally love it. Her long hair would just flow naturally in one direction, something mine will never do. Anyway, she got a wild hair that she wanted bangs. My sister is a master barber so she came over and cut just some whispies at first. They turned out really cute so she decided to get more cut and the sides sides layered a bit too. I think it turned out so cute!! She is such a beauty!!!

date Friday, February 27, 2009

5 comments to “Bangs...”

  1. Lacia
    5:45 AM

    Very cute!!

    I took the bangs plunge too a few months ago. I LOVE them, but I'm now trying to grow them out as they're not really warm-weather friendly. They stick to my forehead when I'm hot, and it drives me nuts.

    Now that I'm growing them out, it sucks! LOL.

  1. gillian
    3:37 PM

    She is just beautiful, and I know she has a heart of gold too!

    Hi from Lainie and Zo!!

  1. Kristen
    7:56 PM

    They look beautiful!

  1. Michelle
    9:20 PM

    Gorgeous girly!

  1. DirtyThirty
    9:35 PM

    What a beautiful young lady!