The majority of our year consists of many many many wrestling practices, tournaments and meets. Jayden has a very long season. It starts in October with Club wrestling. He also does middle school wrestling right now along with club wrestling. Middle school wrestling ends in the middle of march and club doesnt end until the first part or April. He has 2 meets a week and tournaments on the weekend! Not to mention its 7 months of commitment for our family.
Hubby started wrestling when he was 3. He grew up with wrestling, placed at state in high school, wrestled in college, and also became a wrestling official like his dad.
Its a part of our family, who we are, and I am so proud of my son. His commitment to this support is amazing.. Working out sometimes twice a day and he keeps learning something new everytime. But HE wants to do it. We dont push him or make him do it. Its his passion... his love.... I am soo soo proud of him!

Here are a few pictures from yesterdays meet. Miss Mayson is getting pretty used to napping through them in the bleachers!

date Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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    I LOVE that last picture!! And, you have been awarded an award...go to my blog to see!!

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