Guess what??? I got a new blankie today!! I just love the T21 traveling Afghan but I have to give it up. So, CJ made me new one so I can send the other one on its way! I love my blankie. Its soooo soooo soft and pretty! Thanks so much CJ!!!

date Friday, March 20, 2009

4 comments to “My new blankie”

  1. Stephanie
    5:55 PM

    LOVE IT!

    I keep forgetting to jump into the Traveling Afghan, it is such a GREAT idea!

  1. Cathy
    3:05 AM

    Cute! I found you
    good to se yoru sweet girl.

  1. Melissa @ Banana Migraine
    3:03 PM

    Love the blanket! So cute!!

  1. My name is Sarah
    8:26 PM

    Ah I love it. An afghan of your own.