Rylee and her friend Majia were interviewed by a local news channel. They did a segment on "someone you should know". It aired tonight and it really turned out great. I am so proud of these girl for all they have done. Mayson and Bella looked pretty darn cute too! Here is the link to watch it!! They are gearing up for orders.. i hope they get some!! click here.....KWWL

date Tuesday, April 07, 2009

4 comments to “Even prouder!”

  1. My name is Sarah
    7:59 AM

    What a great story. The video turned out super. I love that the name of your town is my last name. I was cheering every time I heard it. I hope the girls get lots of orders.

  1. Kim
    6:53 PM

    What a feel good story! I hope their business continues to grow for such a wonderful charity!

  1. Miss Magic
    7:43 PM

    Wow...that had me all teary-eyed! You must be so proud!

    Huge Hugs, Carol (Maren's Mom)

  1. Michelle
    12:26 PM

    I'm teary eyed too! Way to go. Everyone did a great job on camera. I love MayBell's products. We still have a few soaps from when we ordered last year but would like to place another order soon. I'm going to post to my blog if you don't mind:)