I spent the day with Shelly at the ER. The are going to admit him over the weekend and re-evaluate on Monday. He is so so sick. Here is the deal...
They placed a 12 cm stint in his esophagus on Thursday afternoon. It was considered outpatient and after a long recovery from the anesthesia, they let him go home. He was up all night throwing up and gagging at home..... really nothing in his stomach though so mostly gut wrenching gagging. He is dehydrated, in pain, weak and pasty white. His GI doc told them to bring him back down to Iowa City today and be checked out at the ER. We waited for 3 hours until they finally called us. Poor Shelly puked and puked and puked.. it was horrible. I rubbed his back and that seemed to settle him down and he would try and doze off. They called him in for a CAT scan and it shows that the stint is in place where it should be and there doesnt seem to be any perforation. They think its kind of like his body going to to shock from opening his esophagus so wide. It was 6mm in diameter and with the new stint it is now 21!! A big change to anyone's system. They really dont want to take the stint out as they are afraid it may tear his esophagus. So they are going to Drug him up with some morphine for pain, anti-nausea meds, and a good old IV to get some liquid in him and see how he does by Monday.
Lets pray hee gets better and can keep the stint in. The stint is what he needs to be able to eat again!!!
Shelly loves Mail, so if anyone would like to send him a something, email me!
Thank you all so much for saying a prayer from him. He still needs them so keep them coming!!!! HUGS!!!

OH and my grama is still in the hospital being treated for anemia. They did a blood transfusion and keeping her over night to do a few more tests!!

date Friday, May 08, 2009

4 comments to “Back From the ER--Kinda graphic...”

  1. Stephanie
    6:32 PM

    OH NO! Poor Shelly, he is in my thoughts and prayers, that must be so scary for him. Can you send me a mailing address so we can send him something. My email is stessieb3@yahoo.com

  1. Tamara
    7:46 PM

    Prayers - for Shelly and your gramma - and you -

  1. Melissa @ Banana Migraine
    7:59 PM

    Poor Shelly! That sounds very scary - and no fun. I will keep he and your grandma in my thoughts.

    I'd be happy to send some mail Shelly's way...my email is: bananamigraine at gmail dot com

  1. Linda
    7:22 AM

    I'd love to send Shelly some mail! My e-mail address is lindanargi1@yahoo.com. Thanks for keeping us posted!