date Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 comments to “My sweet baby girl.. soo full of wonder”

  1. gillian
    8:15 PM

    She is just the cutest!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    10:05 PM

    Absolutely precious! I love her curious look of wonder. very sweet.

  1. Carey
    9:52 PM

    OMG she's so darling!!! Love the hair!

  1. Monica @ Monkey Musings
    1:17 AM

    Darling girl!

  1. Stephanie
    8:11 AM

    AWH! She is soooo sweet! Love the hair, she is just beautiful!

  1. jessica @ raising joey
    12:17 PM


  1. Mary
    7:41 PM

    Love the hair! She is too cute!

  1. Becca
    5:33 AM

    Mayson, you are GORGEOUS!! I love the 'do!