Mayson has really taken a liking to the ABC's. She loves the song and tries so hard to sing it!. Here is a clip of her saying them with me. I am so proud of her! Excuse the spaghetti face and my singing!

date Monday, June 01, 2009

10 comments to “Learning the alphabet!”

  1. Ruby's Mom
    12:24 AM

    Oh my gosh,Mayson that was FABULOUS! Way to go!

  1. Cathy
    12:48 AM

    Oh my goodness Mayson is adorable. As soon as Aden her I was, watching something on the computer he racing over . Lol he knew he’d see a little friend. I wish I had a camera here to capture his reaction, to Mayson. He loves to sing the ABC, he couldn’t say it as controlled as Mayson, he was so excited for her,
    Yeah Mayson!

  1. Ali
    7:42 AM

    She is so cute! Way to go Mayson!

  1. Monica @ Monkey Musings
    11:57 AM

    Wow, she does a great job at pronouncing her letters. I loved "W" that's quite a tongue twister.

  1. Lisa
    2:21 PM

    I am going to show this to Bridget...she will love it. Mayson is adorable, and she sounds great!

  1. Shan
    10:15 PM

    This is too cute, Amy... see ya at grandma's 90th :)

  1. Pam
    2:39 PM

    ROFL....that totally made my day. She is so flippin cute!! I could listen to her say W all day long.

    Thanks for making me smile May May!!!

  1. Bethany
    8:58 AM

    Whatever man, she is doing awesome! Can you send some of that my way?!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    9:36 PM

    very cool! That was so fun to watch.

  1. Perplexing Situation
    9:38 PM

    stories like this are so refreshing and inspiring and should make front page news.