Well, it went well. She had the nurses all in love with her, let me tell you!! She was happy as they wheeled her down the hallway in her little bed, waiving and saying hi to everyone. That helped the tears stay away as I saw her go around the corner. She was only in surgery for 55 minutes. The doctors said she did excellent and it couldnt of gone any better.
We came home around 1:30 and she slept most of the day away. Very fussy and mad because we wont let her rub her eyes. Thats the biggest struggle.
She is up and walking around now and acting pretty much like her self. Trying to dance and stopping to watch her favorite TV show. I cant believe how straight her eyes are!! Its amazing!
Thank you all for thinking of her and me. Your prayers meant so much to us!

date Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6 comments to “surgery.....”

  1. Monica Crumley
    1:17 AM

    Ohhhh, that's awesome. Glad it went so well. She looks great!

  1. Brandee
    7:59 AM

    I'm so glad it's all over and all went perfectly! I thought of your sweet girl so many times yesterday.

  1. Kim
    9:43 AM

    So glad it went well and Mason looks great!

  1. RK
    10:23 AM

    Yay! I'm glad it went well. She looks so good!!!!! Tough cookie, that one. :)

  1. Julie
    11:14 AM

    She looks gorgeous! (As usual!)

  1. Michelle
    1:50 PM

    hooray!! Her eyes look gorgeous!! Glad it went well and she's home!