When we were in Wisconsin visiting my relatives, my cousins lil girl got the cutest whirly gig for her birthday. Mayson was instantly attached to it, walking all over their house with it. Well, I hit the jackpot today and got one at the store for a BUCK!! Mayson is in heaven!! She loves this darn thing. I guess cheap toys are the best!!!
We also had her 8 day out after eye surgery appointment. All is going really well. She got new drops to do three times a day for 2 weeks. She had two others but those were dropped and we got this new one instead. The drops have been the worst thing about this whole surgery. She hates them!! Her eyes are still a little red in the corners but its gradually fading. She is such a trooper! She is really hating her glasses right now. They told me her prescription should not change yet but who knows.. whatever it is, she hates them right now.

date Wednesday, July 08, 2009

14 comments to “Whirly Gig”

  1. Anonymous
    10:18 PM

    Gotta love when you find a dollar toy that provides hours and HOURS of entertainment. Thats a great idea, I might have to look for one for my guys, they would love that too. I am way behind on keeping up with the blogs I follow and I'm happy to see Mayson is recovering nicely from her eye surgery. She looks GREAT!!

  1. Ruby's Mom
    10:20 PM

    She looks so good!That first picture is my favorite :)

  1. JRS
    11:01 PM

    I know Saturday is bad for you. Any chance you're free tomorrow am or afternoon? I'd love to see you guys.

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    11:09 PM

    Wonderful photos!!!

  1. one_plustwins
    11:16 PM

    May's eyes look FANTASTIC!!! And how pretty is she in her dress with her whirly gig!! LOVE IT.

  1. amy flege
    11:26 PM

    jen, we are busy in the morning with PT and storytime...what time were you thinking and where?

  1. Jeanette
    12:28 AM

    She is so precious!! What adorable pictures in her little dress. Gotta LOVE the dollar store!

  1. Kim
    9:21 AM

    Oh what fun! She looks like she is lovin' it! Her eyes are really looking great!

  1. datri
    4:24 PM

    All our best toys are from the Dollar Store! I'm really blown away at how great her eyes look!

  1. Monica Crumley
    5:13 PM

    What a fun and pretty whirly thing. Those are great photos - love the colors. She is soooo cute! Her eyes look fantastic.

  1. My name is Sarah
    6:05 PM

    I used to have a twirler in my hand 24/7. I love the photos.

  1. Perplexing Situation
    9:24 PM

    Her eyes look great! I love that whirly gig thing. Gotta love the cheap toys.

  1. The Gearys
    5:37 AM

    Sheena has the same toy, and she loves it too. The eyes are very straight after the surgery. Glad it went so well. Sheena has a problem with a turn, and it gets a lot worse when she is weakened with a virus. It will be on the list of things we will talk to her Pead about next week. Glasses will be a must in the next few months at a minimum.

  1. Maggie
    1:40 PM

    These photos are just wonderful! She looks like she's having such carefree fun :) Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!