My husband walked in the house with it. A package addressed to me. Now, I dont normally order my self anything so I couldnt think of what it was? Then I saw the return address and riped the sucker open!! It was finally here!! I looked at it and cried........... It was beautiful!
YUP, the book is here! GIFTS 2. I am chapter 9! Something I am not good at, but sat and worked on it, hoping to touch another persons heart with one of many stories. Down syndrome is an amazing journey and I am so glad I did this!!!

date Monday, September 14, 2009

6 comments to “ITS HERE!!!”

  1. Beverly
    10:13 PM

    very exciting!

  1. CJ
    10:56 AM

    Well, if YOU'RE in it, I have to buy a copy!!

  1. Kim
    8:15 PM

    Awesome! I'll have to order a copy! I remember reading the first one two weeks after learning about Mattie. It was extremely helpful to a new mom!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    8:55 PM

    I'm headed to B&N tomorrow. Maybe they will have it...we shall see. :-)

  1. heather
    11:01 PM

    I just bought my copy today at our Buddy Walk. Kathryn was there signing copies. I just read your story and had to check out your blog. Good job and great article! I look forward to following your blog.

  1. Lori
    7:45 PM

    Read your story in Gifts 2 this was so uplifting and hopeful! Thanks for sharing it! =)