Now that the buddy walk is over, hopefully, I will be able to start blogging again! Our walk was a huge success despite the weather and having a home game for the Iowa Hawkeyes! We had 540 walkers and we raised $30,000!!!! Thanks to everyone that contributed in some way, whether it was by walking, volunteering, or donating! We couldn't of done it without you!!! We already have your walk date set for next year, so mark OCT 9th on your calendars!!!!
My cousin Shelly came with sister Shanda and was our clown! He did a great job! We ended up with 49 walkers on our team. Not all showed up though due to the weather. There was a professional photographer there so I will be getting our team pictures soon!!!Here are a few pictures of our walk!!!

date Sunday, October 04, 2009

3 comments to “Buddy walk 2009”

  1. Cynthia
    11:38 AM

    I'm jealous you have pictures!
    Thanks again for your help making it such an awesome day!

  1. Beverly
    1:05 PM

    great photos! Congrats on a wonderful Buddy Walk!

  1. Mary
    5:06 PM

    Looks like a great day!