Yesterday was a hard day for me. It was a day that I close a chapter in my life... It was our DS group (HADSA) Christmas party and it wasnt something I really wanted to go to. I have given soo much to this group and families...... it was my passion! Things have changed though, and I resigned in November and am no longer on the board of directors. Things really need to change before I could ever think of being a part of that group again. Its so sad, because it its for the families and kids, but certain people just cant get passed that. Anyway, I went with Mayson and Rylee and gave up my afternoon. Santa came and brought presents, we had supper, and voted in new board members. You know something is wrong when 4 people on your board is NOT coming back and you cant get people to fill in for the new year. Its sooo sooo very sad. I dont need HADSA though, to be apart of something wonderful. I have my online family and my friends I made from HADSA.

I will miss being apart of it, but I know when I was there I touched many lives in a positive way. I gave...........

date Monday, December 07, 2009

2 comments to “Day 6-hard day”

  1. Bethany
    5:44 AM

    Sorry it is coming to this Amy. :(

  1. Kristen
    7:55 AM

    So sorry, Amy! It sucks when politics and crap get in the way of the sole purpose, which is to be there for the families.