Ok, maybe this is not what this whole giving thing is about but this is all I got guys!!! Today , I actually gave something for myself! Its something I RARELY do. I never buy myself anything or make time for myself. So, since today was not a busy day, my friend Yolanda and I drove through Starbucks, got our mocha lattes and headed for pedicures which we hadn't had since August! OH MY GOSH! It was like heaven!! I really needed the recharge and loved every minute of it!!
So, I ask this of you ... do something for yourself. Give yourself something, whether its a latte and a pedi, or a nice long nap, a lunch out, etc... whatever it is, love your self.. its amazing how much you give to others when you feel good about yourself!

date Friday, December 04, 2009

2 comments to “Giving to myself-day 4”

  1. Kari
    6:58 AM

    Good for you. You sure deserve it :)
    You know you made me think. I haven't had a Pedi since August either. What is it as soon as summers over and the feet are covered they get forgotton lol

  1. Bethany
    7:41 AM