Ok, its day 4 of no school at our house and I need out!!!! I love snow days but wow.... this is ridiculous!!! Jayden had practice today because he is on varsity and so I had an excuse to get out. Yippy!!! Our driveway was finally plowed this morning too, which made backing out of our driveway from hell, much easier! Poor hubby tried to keep up but after heart surgery, shoveling just isnt going to work for him this year. We had 3-4 foot drifts!!!
Rylee, Mayson and I bundled up and off we went to take Jay to practice. Then us girls headed to Target. Driving was kind of scary. I took my time driving, slowed down, letting people go before me, waiting for them, not passing them....... I think you get the idea..... I was the good driver.. giving them the right of way no matter what. Gee.. it felt great!

date Thursday, December 10, 2009

1 comments to “slowing down-day 9”

  1. Kristen
    7:53 AM

    It's funny that you post this because when Bethany was first telling me about the 12 days of giving, I was like "I can give someone the right of way when they really don't have it without going into complete road rage". HA.