This weeks TAKE IT TUESDAY is SUN and SNOW. Here in Iowa its been NO sun and ALL snow so I am going post a picture of our summer beach days. COME ON SUN and WARM... we need and miss you!

date Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 comments to “Take it Tuesday: Sun and Snow”

  1. The Imperfect Christian
    11:10 AM

    I LOVE the picture of her in her sun glasses! I changed your link in the Mr. Linky box! You keep putting your blog url and not the POST url, so people go to your blog, not the entry you wrote for the topic.


  1. gillian
    11:44 AM

    Here here! Love the pix!!

  1. To Love Endlessly
    7:45 PM

    boy, was I confused! I thought you went somewhere warm & sunny. I was jealous there for a moment. haha