Jayden has been wrestling since he was 4 years old. It started out as a little kids take down club, then when he turned 5 he joined the Hammerin Hawks wrestling club. We have spent years preparing for his chance to go to state. Something he has dreamed about since he was 4.... and this weekend was his 1st chance, as a freshman. He wrestled great and made it all the way to the last match that would determine if he would go to state or not. But instead of him deciding, fate did. He landed on his shoulder wrong and "snap" there went the collar bone. People could hear it snap from the crowd. Not something you like to hear, by any means. It was something that could of been prevented if the ref would of done his job. It was a potentially dangerous move and the ref should of stopped it but he didn't and my kid is paying for it. As a mother, you are terrified for your kid when something like this happens. They are down on the mat and you are up in the stands and you have no idea what is happening. At first, after it happened, we thought he would continue to wrestle but when they shook hands we were devastated for him. His chance was gone.
As we made it down to the floor to find out what was wrong with him, the trainer told us she heard it snap from the side of the mat. She said she knew instantly when she felt it, it was broke. She had me touch it and showed me the break.... yup.... that's broken all right.. SHIT. (I said something worse, actually)
Even though Jayden was in pain, he still wanted to stay and watch his team mates finish out their matches. I was so proud of him. His dedication to his team mates and coaches showed me how much he loved them no matter what and he stood proud on the podium receiving his third place medal.
After a trip to the ER and the official "its a broken clavicle", he is now in a sling, on pain meds and hurting. But not hurting in spirit or dedication. He is going to still to go practice, still go cheer his team mates on at state, and he will be back... but watch out, I think he is going to come back even stronger...

date Sunday, February 14, 2010

2 comments to “Wrestling.....”

  1. To Love Endlessly
    9:24 PM

    Oh man! I can't believe they heard it snap! OUCH!! I pray he's up and wrestling soon though.

  1. stephanie
    8:48 AM

    What a kid. So sorry he got hurt like that, especially if it could /should have been prevented.
    Jayden sounds like a real stand up sort of guy. Hope he heals quickly.
    And I think they better watch out for him next time!!