When we started music therapy I had no idea how wonderful it was going to be!! Many wonder what it is..... Its kind of like speech but using music. Amber, the therapists is amazing. She follows Maysons ques and goes along with what Mayson is doing. Its amazing the things Mayson does while in music therapy..... so far I have seen
*great listen skills and following directions

*putting 2-3 words together at once

*singing... ( in tune i might add!!)

*following the beat and rhythms

Today Amber worked with letter sounds... She had Mayson pick out a foam letter of her choice and they would work on the sound it makes with songs... Mayson already know her letters but not the phonics part. She picked right up on with the music! I didnt get that on video but I did get the drum part. Its Maysons favorite :)

date Monday, June 21, 2010

5 comments to “Music Therapy”

  1. Becca
    11:09 AM

    Too cute! I couldn't listen to the video, though, b/c my speakers don't work on my work computer...

    That's great that Mayson's in music therapy, and way to go on singing in tune!!

  1. Kim
    2:08 PM

    You are a super musician! Great job!! That sounded awesome!

  1. CJ
    8:43 AM

    She is just precious! We miss you! I love your new layout. That's all...for now!

  1. Dani
    11:41 AM

    great video : ) she is soo cute

  1. Dani
    11:41 AM

    great video : ) she is sooo cute!!