It is Hubby's 42nd birthday today!!  He spent it working all day but he did come home for 1 hour to enjoy a pot roast supper and cake and ice cream.  He even had time to open his presents and then he was off to his church council meeting!
He has had one hell of a year this year with his job and open heart surgery.  I pray this year is much better for him.  He sooooo deserves it!   He is so generous, kind, loving...  and all he wants to do is provide for us.  I love him soo!
Here's to you buddy!!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

date Thursday, July 01, 2010

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  1. ParkerMama
    9:19 AM

    LOVE your new look.

    Come to think of it, love YOU too!


    Tammy and Parker
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