Life has been crazy busy here.  School is now in full swing for the older two.  Jayden is a Sophomore and Rylee is in 7th grade!  School pictures are being taken, sports are starting.  Which means I will be in my car twice as much as I am already.  Mayson starts school on Monday.  We have decided to put her in 3 days a week-full days.  The other two days are for her private therapies.  Her private therapies are so important.  I have tried to get the school to allow her private therapists to come into the school but they wont allow it... :(  What they offer at school is just not enough.  Who knows, maybe Mayson will never go to school full time there.  I am already thinking Kindergarten in the back of my mind.  I know I have a whole year to get there, but it just seems sooooo close!  And then again, maybe we wont do kindergarten and do one more year of preschool?  We will see how this year goes.  I love her teacher and the integrated program.  Mayson loves it too.  Time will tell!

I have been busy going to the University of Iowa Hospital keeping up on cousin Shelly.  He has pneumonia and at one point was intubated.  He is doing better and hopefully going home soon!!  Its hard when he is down here and his parents are up north 2 hours away.  I am so glad I am down here to watch over him and keep him company.  He is so awesome :)

Sunday, miss Mayson decided to pull a mirror on to her self.  It happened so fast!  The mirror hit the corner of her face and she had her glasses on so the glasses banged up her eye pretty good!!  The mirror didnt break nor did her glasses, but Mayson sure was shook up.  So was I!!!!!!!  I felt horrible about it.  It never did bleed or swell much....thank goodness, but she will be sporting a pretty color of blue and purple "eye shadow" for a few days. poor baby :(

The weather man is predicting 40's and 50s and night!!  woo hooo!!  can you say fall is right around the corner?

date Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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  1. Dawn
    11:10 AM

    If any doubts, wait a bit on school - or try a year at home.

  1. kecia
    6:22 PM

    oh how cute is she? i can't believe she goes full day!

  1. Cathy
    5:51 AM

    oh she is just too cute.