I don't buy my kids shoes at Walmart but was in there getting school supplies that Target did not have.  We looked around the store and I came acrossed these little beauties!

Here are the reasons I got them:

1.  I really dont care for Velcro but we are trying to get Mayson more independent with just taking her shoes off and on.  These will help!

2.  Mayson has TINY feet.  These shoes are a infant size 5.  Yes a 5!!  It's so hard to find shoes that fit her that dont look so babyish, cuz you know she is almost 4 1/2 now!!!  Such a big girl!

3.  They are totally flat inside with really no arch and they are wide so they are PERFECT for her orthodic inserts she has to have for her ankle stability!  They fit in there perfect!

4.  They were only $9.00!!!!

I just wanted to share this great deal for all you mamas out there looking for cute shoes for your kiddos that need orthodic or inserts.   :)

date Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 comments to “Shoes”

  1. Becca
    8:42 AM

    Those are really cute, Amy! I wonder if they come in the bigger sizes too. Sammi has kinda chubby feet so I can never find cute little mary janes for her in the fall because the front piece is always too low. These are just adorable, and I think they may make me feel better about not finding mary janes (especially the price!). :-) Thanks for the tip!

  1. Kelly
    10:04 AM

    Thanks for sharing Amy, I hope they have cute boys shoes too!! Landon may very well be on his way to orthodics and I can't even find him shoes now (without them). Landon is 18 months old and is just outgrowing size 1 infant shoes. He also has the narrowest feet. Ugh!!

  1. Amy Flege
    10:37 AM

    Becca, I think they went up to size 7?
    Kelly, Mayson has really narrow feet too but with her insert they have to be a wider shoe! these are great!

  1. momtofourgirls.Kari
    12:14 PM

    Love them- they are perfect for Princess Mayson! :)