On Saturday, September 25th “Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day” (EKS Day) will take placle to promote a global call for people to commit acts of inclusion, acceptance and unity for individuals with intellectual disabilities (EKS ACTS).  I was tagged by Jen to help spread the word and pledge "to do" something on this day!!!

“I pledge to advocate advocate advocate!  on EKS Day, and I tag my 5 friends Lyndi, Brigitte, Bethany, Tammy, and Kristen and challenge you to re-post this on your blog and tell us what you pledge to do on EKS Day.”

here are some great ideas Jen posted that you could do!!

  • emailing, texting, and using your social media outlets to spread the word about the day.
  • Change your profile picture to a photo of Eunice (many images in that link to chose from), and
  • use one of her iconic quotes as your status update (see below for a few examples). Click HERE to hear audio files of Eunice speaking.
  • On twitter post: RT: I pledge to honor @SpecialOlympics by performing an Act of Unity on http://act.ly/2e7 RT to sign.
  • Be sure to post your Act of Unity HERE.

date Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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    Thanks Friend!