I purchased videos from Preschool Prep and after one week of viewing it, Mayson has learned to read several words!! I am so excited for her! Here is a little preview!

date Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 comments to “The beginning of reading!”

  1. RK
    8:38 PM

    That's pretty great! We love Preschool Prep here too... B's getting more for her birthday in a couple weeks. :o)

  1. Tamara
    5:55 AM

    Nice - Never heard of Preschool Prep, but we made Shawen flash cards, and they worked wonders -

  1. Kim
    2:45 PM

    That is awesome!!! Keep it up Mayson!

  1. Anonymous
    1:34 PM

    Isn't teaching a child to read the most fun ever?!?

    Enjoy, she's a cutie.