Having a child with down syndrome has not been a challenge for us.  We take each day as it comes and really try hard to treat Mayson like any other child.  She reminds me sooooo much of Rylee when she was this age in so many ways.  Especially when it comes to playing with her baby dolls.  Mayson would be such a good mommy even though deep down I know she will never get to fill that roll.   Sure, all things are possible, and I would love for her to have that chance, but realistically, I doubt it will ever happen.  I can sit back and watch her roll play though and enjoy her sweet baby playing time. 

I LOVE finding her baby dolls all over the house and they are always placed with a purpose!
This baby is having lots of drinks!!! 

Apparently, this one got her driver's licenses!!

This one is ready for a stroller ride!  Better dress up warm baby its cold outside!!

Here is baby ready for her diaper change! 

These babies are getting some Yo Gabba Gabbe time! haha!

Baby going potty!!!

Puppy and Buzz get to rest on the kitchen counter.

Naked baby ready for lunch!! 

Of course, this baby gets the luxury of sharing fishy crackers....

and a Kiss!!!!!    

Don't you just love the innocence of a child? 

date Friday, February 04, 2011

2 comments to “little mommy”

  1. Becca
    3:07 PM

    I LOVED these pictures, Amy!!! Oh, Mayson, you and Sammi both...GREAT mommy material. Bittersweet, but as you said, you never know, right? I won't be unrealistic about it, though. Gotta get these two girls together to play one day! :-)

  1. Amy Flege
    3:22 PM

    Yes we do!!!!!!!!! I hate the miles between us!