I did it!!  I am officially a CONSUMER CHOICES OPTION Broker!!!!  After several people asking me to do this, I bit the bullet and went for it!  I am so excited to help people and families dealing with disabilites!! 

Some of you don't know what this is, so here is a little explanation.

The Consumer Choices Option offers Iowans the choice of taking the responsibility for
planning and controlling Home- and Community-Based Services to make it possible for
them to stay in their homes and communities. It provides an option for those who need
care or assistance due to aging, illness or disability.
The Consumer Choices Option recognizes that Iowans with disabilities and older
Iowans can plan and decide how they spend their days and how they live their lives,
with caring assistance available when needed. It is offered through Iowa’s Home- and
Community-Based (HCBS) Waiver programs, allowing individuals and their families
to make decisions about the services they need and to manage those services. It:
● Offers flexibility so individuals can get assistance for the support needed in
the lifestyles they choose
● Gives individuals the say-so to determine their own needs, create support plans,
make choices, select and employ staff, and monitor the quality of support services
● Offers support to organize resources in ways that are life enhancing and
meaningful to the individual
● Gives Iowans with disabilities and older Iowans authority over a targeted
amount of dollars
● Promotes responsibility for the wise use of public dollars and recognition of
the contribution that individuals with disabilities and older adults make in
their communities.

So, I will be helping people with their budgets, services, paperwork, etc.  We use this service for Mayson and its wonderful.  It gives us so many options and we feel like we are in control of the decisions needed for HER! 
Wish me luck!!!!

date Sunday, April 03, 2011

2 comments to “I Did It!!!!!!!”

  1. Becca
    12:36 PM

    That's awesome, Amy! You're the perfect person for something like this, and I'm sure you'll help a LOT of people out. :-)

  1. stephanie
    6:09 AM

    that's great! And Good Luck I'm sure you do a fabulous job!!!