It is official.. we are moving!!  We found a house on the other side of our little town that fits our family perfectly!! 
So, we put a bid in and we got it!!!  Its exciting but sad at the same time.   The house we live in now, was our dream home.  We have lived here 10 years, helped design and build it with our own hands.  Not to mention many people in our family helped us build it.  Its a big house...  4400 sq feet with a half acre of land.   Now at the time, we built, we never dreamed that we would have a sweet baby girl join our family with an extra chromsome, nor did we ever imagine in a million years that hubby would need open heart surgery.    So the decision was made, that we need something that fits our family needs as of now.   Mayson still is unsteady with stairs, and we are not confortable with her room upstairs while ours is down on the main level.  Hubby just cant do our driveway in the winter and the mowing is getting way to much for him. 
I will miss our house we have called home, but excited to make new memories in our new home.  Alot of the kids friends live in the neighborhood we are moving too.  The yard is FLAT, the drive way is FLAT.  There is 4 bedrooms, the basement is FINISHED, Maysons room will be on the same level as ours.  Rylele and Jayden will each  have their OWN bathrooms!
Yup, it fits our familly great!!
So, keep us in your prayers, that we will all make this transition easily

date Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 comments to “We are moving!!”

  1. Jodie
    4:58 PM

    Isn't it amazing how things work out? I'm so happy for your family! We are feeling the same way about where we are now and it is not an easy decision but things always seem to work out how they should. Congratulations!!

  1. Brandee
    8:09 PM

    I remember seeing a picture of your current home, and it's absolutely beautiful. I can understand your mixed emotions. BUT this new house is also so lovely, and it will probably be cozier for your family and better than ever. I think it's a great decision for you guys, and I know God provides just what we need just when we need it. Your precious family will be in my prayers, Amy.

  1. An Iowa Mom
    4:30 PM

    Oh ... lots of your KIDS friends in the new neighborhood, huh? None of your friends???? Humph! :p

  1. Anonymous
    4:40 PM

    Ok ok, I have friends there too:)