For as long as I can remember my grama and grampa J would give us ornaments each year for Christmas.   Usually they were hand crafted ones.  They loved to craft and spent most of their time after their retirement making hand made crafts, woodworking and sewing.  You have to remember there are 8 children with their spouses and 23 grandchildren.  That doesnt include the greats and the great greats!!!!!   I have saved all the ornaments made by grandparents have made us over the years.  Here is a sampling of them from over the years..

Hubs and I finally got our Christmas shopping finished yesterday.  We are not fans of malls and crazy shoppers but none the less, we had our shopping date (with lunch out) and got it done!  Mom and dad are here so mom helped me wrap the gifts and we got them under the tree!!!!!!  It looks so much more like Christmas now!

We also got in to some candy making last night too!!!

Here is hoping you all have a wonderful holiday whether it be with family or friends.. and a happy and healthy 2012.

date Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 comments to “ready for christmas....”

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    3:08 PM

    Those are awesome!!! We give the kids each an ornament every year but they're usually Hallmark! haha Still, when they grow up and go out on their own, they'll have a nice set of ornaments to start their tree with. :) Merry Christmas, Amy!

  1. Anonymous
    12:02 PM

    This is unrelated to your entry but I stumbled upon your blog after discovering that our unborn son has DS. I appreciate your blog and what it has to offer! Thank you for sharing your story and your family. It gives me a new hope and excitement to meet our son in May :)

    -Those Newmans