Yup, I have started counting down the days..  until..GULP.....Mayson turns 6!!!  Dang, I still cant believe it!!!  My baby is going to be 6 in 6 more days!!!! We have come so far..  today was a huge milestone for us too!  Mayson drank out of a cup without any resistance and on her own!! woohoo baby girl!! 

date Friday, February 10, 2012

2 comments to “counting down”

  1. ABandCsMom
    10:04 AM

    there is something about your sweet girl in these pictures that remind me so much of Carly. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mayson!!

  1. CJ
    9:04 AM

    She's not allowed to be six. I say so!

    You've been nominated, girl!