Well, we made it passed Maysons 6th birthday.  I was kind of dreading it.  There is just something about my babies getting passed that 5 year old mark... But she had a wonderful birthday.   Yesterday we celebrated with gramas and grampas and aunts and uncles and cousin Aida.  

AS you can see, she picked  TOY STORY for her party.  The girl LOVES her some Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye!! She would watch all three movies all day long if she could.  Woody, pretty much rules the roost right now, with Bullseye in a close 2nd!!

She is really diggin the opening of presents too.  It was soo cute hearing her say ""ooohhh" or "wow" after opening her gift and then saying "thank you" :)

Oh and the girl loved her cake!!  It was a little difficult blowing out the candles with long hair, but daddy did his best to keep it out of the candle!!!!  The best part was the eating of cake and ice cream.. She had 2 pieces.... this girl LOVES Cake!!!  OH and she even sang happy birthday to herself!!!

 We headed outside to tell everyone good bye...  it was in the 50's and sunny but windy!!  We had to take a few quick pictures being barefoot in Iowa in February!!!!!

This girl is amazing...  she lights up a room wherever she goes..  We are so blessed to have her.....
Keep on smiling baby girl. We love you!

date Monday, February 27, 2012

3 comments to “Maysons 6th bithday”

  1. Becca
    1:31 PM

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, beautiful Mayson!! Wow, 6!! Omg, Amy, that last photo...absolutely makes my heart soar!!!

  1. RK
    1:55 PM

    Hardly seems possible, but happy 6th, Mayson!

  1. CJ
    11:28 AM

    Seriously? Six? That's just not allowed! Looks like she had an amazing party! Happy birthday, May May!!