Having a child with down syndrome can be no easy task for some.  This week has been particularly hard for a few kiddos fighting for their lives medically or in orphanages.  I am blessed to have a little girl who has no major medical issues.  Sure she has had eye surgery and wears glasses, but that's peanuts compared to some.  I am blessed because she knows her alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, site words and is now talking in 3 word phrases.  I am blessed because she can climb the ladder on her swing set.  I am blessed because I can go to church , a movie, a game and she will sit like a little lady, reading her books and following directions.  I am blessed because she can now walk up our stairs without crawling up them.  I am blessed because even though she will not use her spoon or fork, she can still find a way to feed herself.  I am blessed that every morning and evernight this sweet girl can tell me "i love you"......Yup, I am blessed.

date Thursday, June 14, 2012

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