Yup. I.am having a pity party... My very own.....
Why? Cuz I am missing the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference this year.  I hate not being in D.C. with all my peeps. Going there and seeing our second family is so amazing.  All of our friends are there, we learn so much and have so much fun. It's an experience not all of us are lucky enough to be apart of....that extra chromosome is part of a pretty elite group! 
Yup, think I will get get my glass of wine and cry now.:(

date Saturday, July 21, 2012

4 comments to “Pity party”

  1. RK
    8:48 PM

    We are not there either. Haven't ever been, but hope maybe for next year...

  1. Becca
    1:48 PM

    :-( I'm sorry, Amy! You were missed. Hopefully we'll all be able to go to Denver next year!

  1. CJ
    2:19 PM

    We will BOTH go next year (we've never been) and you can see Baby J!!!

  1. Janie Fox
    9:48 AM

    That would be a great time. Sorry you had to miss it see you on IG!!