On March 21st we will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  This day always lands on the 21st due to the date 3-21.   This correlates with Down Syndrome and the trisomy of the 21st chromosome!
Down Syndrome is apart of our life now.  Not that it never was, since  Cousin Shelly too has Down Syndrome. Its always been apart of my life.  But in a different way. I was the cousin and now I am the PARENT....... I am now responsible for advocating and making this girl of mine the best she can be.
I am so lucky to have Shelly as my cousin.   He is such an inspiration.  His love for God is overflowing and is infectious.  He lives on his own, has a job, rides his bike EVERYWHERE, fights illness like a bulldog, and is gentle and kind.  My memories of having sleep overs with him, playing at Grandma and Grampa's farm, swimming in the pool, birthday parties, easter egg hunts and playing house is something I treasure.  Not just anyone gets to be as lucky as me to have an opportunity to grow up with someone with Down Syndrome before you have your own child with Down Syndrome.  He lead the path for me......

Shelly age 5 in the back of my mom and dads truck!

Shelly at my first birthday party ha!

Shelly and Mayson

Shelly and I
OH and the friends I have met...  Amazing friends that have become like family.  My second family.  How lucky am I to have TWO loving families to be apart of?  Not everyone gets that either!

Mayson and her friend Bella.
Just a small portion of my second family-IDSC get together

 My girl has amazed me in so many ways.  I just stare at her each night while I put her to bed and try to take as much of her in as I can.  I wish there was more of her in me and in all of us really...

So Today I am CELEBRATING LIFE....PRECIOUS LIFE... Ones that I am so lucky to have been blessed with.  Some people get it, and some don't.  The ones that dont, well, they are missing out BIG TIME!

I will leave you with this Video.... Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

date Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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